Master's degree in Education for Health


Applicants are required to hold an Official Bachelor’s degree from a European accredited institution.

However, academic transcripts for degrees conferred by non-European institutions can also submit without a university approval certificate whereas the University can confirm the qualifications represent an equivalent level to the corresponding Spanish official degree.

Students must have good training in relevant contents of the corresponding specialty chosen, due to the fact that the master is essentially professionalizing.

Exceptionally, access to the master's degree can be accepted, with a conditional enrollment, for students with outstanding credits of a Spanish degree (TFG and a maximum of 9 ECTS credits). This will only be possible if there are vacancies at the end of the second (or, if applicable, later) pre-registration period, once all the students with the completed degree have enrolled. However, students who access the master's degree through this exceptional route will only be able to apply for the master's degree if they have previously presented the degree title that has given them access.

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Preregistration and registration calendar


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Pre-registration must be done online

First term

  • Preregistration: opened from 1 of March to 23 June 2022. (link)
  • Resolution:
  • Registration: 21 and 22 of July 2022.
  • Changes in registration: 13 and 14 October 2022.

Second term (in case there are still vacancies)

  • Preregistration: opened from 25 July to 28 August 2022. (link)
  • Resolution:
  • Registration: 22 and 23 of September 2022.
  • Changes in registration: 13 and 14 October 2022.

Third term (in case there ara still vacancies)

  • Preregistration: opened from 2 September to 9 October 2022. (link)
  • Resolution:
  • Registration: 13 October 2022.

In case there are still vacancies there may be a special period for registration.



In general, enrolment is done through the online enrolment system.

Check the calendar posted on this page.


If you have never been a student at the UdL or have never accessed the Virtual Campus, you must activate the student account:

  • If you have not been studying in the UDL or you have never accessed the Virtual Campus, you must activate your student account: ACTIVATION
  • If you have already registered or are a student at the UdL, start the ONLINE ENROLMENT process directly.